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When you read Hemingway and think of Srebrenica, you cannot unsee the connection

Then he rested as easily as he could with his two elbows in the pine needles and the muzzle of the submachine gun resting against the trunk of the pine tree.’ Ernest Hemmingway, For Whom the Bell Tolls Somewhere in the seventies, when everything was still young and fresh Holland and Amsterdam looked like a promised land where all our hippie dreams would have been fulfilled. A place where freedom really existed, a kind of Woodstock-city covered with clouds of marijuana smoke and decibels of music - the real John and Yoko honeymoon place (Drove from Paris to the Amsterdam

No more heroes any more

Whatever happened to all the heroes? All the Shakespearoes? They watched their Rome burn The Stranglers My childhood was full of stories about heroes, mostly dead ones. Like in all socialist countries of that time, the values system was simply created in that way. The shadows of dead heroes were all around us. We learned about bloody stories of their sacrifices every day at school, we sang together about them, we walked through streets named by them, we learned verses about them by heart, and on special days we brought flowers to their monuments and graves. That was a case of