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Shamima Bagum and the media 

Weirdly we see some nonsense as the ISIS' bride Shamima Bagum and her baby argument on the mainstream media and across the world. Shamima Bagum, who originates from Bangladesh and became a British citizen, is one of the most argued phenomenons on the UK for last couple of months. She left the UK and joined ISIS forces in Syria in 2015. Needless to say, she fought for the caliphate and supported ISIS pretty actively. When she wanted to return to the UK, the commotion started. Some argued that she deserves a new chance towards a new beginning. Others think she

Are Kurds and Turks brothers?

What is the meaning of brotherhood? This word works like a magic speech in every context of any crisis or political process. As a matter of fact this word has been raped by civilization itself since the brother murder of Cain and Abel (Cain killed his brother Abel out of jealousy). They were actually brothers! Needless to say that brotherhood is the most cliché, and been used by sovereigns. On the other hand the German philosopher and poet Nietzsche says "Friends are our brothers, whom we picked with our own hands"... I was born in Agiri in the east of