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About Dutch and Bhutan’s Gross National Happiness

The Prime Minister of the Buddhist kingdom of Bhutan seems to be so scared of actual and perceived threats that he invested more than 3 million of the local Ngultrum currency in security arrangements for his new penthouse. This was revealed by the Prime Minister Tshering Tobgay himself, during a press conference on 12 February. He reacted to a press release by opposition leader Pema Gyamtsho, agitatedly released a week earlier. Gyamtsho demanded a thorough investigation into the alleged misuse of public resources by the PM for the development of his private residence in the outskirts of capital city Thimphu. 'The

Lessons from Bhutan about Myanmar reconciliation

As a Nobel Peace Prize laureate of Myanmar, Aung San Suu Kyi has been doing little to prevent the ethnic cleansing in Burma. On the other hand, an eminent Bhutanese minister, Om Pradhan, did much more to prevent a similar cataclysm in Bhutan. The Buddhist states of Myanmar and Bhutan are both ruled by parsimonious authoritarians. Both populations have two distinctive religious ethnic groups. Buddhists form the majority elites. Bhutan has a Hindu minority and Burma a Muslim minority. The Buddhist regimes in both these nations have been taking strategical ethnic cleansing measures. Neither the world powers nor the United

Rutte discussed human rights with Modi. But he forgot to mention the Bhutanese refugees

A discussion with the Dutch over trade and commerce is the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's priority, but in the minds of Dutch politicians, the visit of Mr. Modi to The Netherlands gave ways to question about human rights and religious freedom, rather than to issues like trade co-operation or commercial entrepreneurship. This has a lot to do with the Mr. Modi's political party, the BJP – under the cliché of ‘radical Hinduism’. After about 13 years the prime minister of India is visiting The Netherlands. This time, on the 27th June, Mr. Narendra Modi met the Dutch royal family,