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Whatever happened to all the heroes?
All the Shakespearoes?
They watched their Rome burn
The Stranglers

My childhood was full of stories about heroes, mostly dead ones. Like in all socialist countries of that time, the values system was simply created in that way. The shadows of dead heroes were all around us. We learned about bloody stories of their sacrifices every day at school, we sang together about them, we walked through streets named by them, we learned verses about them by heart, and on special days we brought flowers to their monuments and graves.

That was a case of overkill – endless repetition which devalued every value. Nevertheless, somewhere deep in our children’s hearts we felt a kind of respect for all those who had fallen for our freedom, happiness, brotherhood and unity and the bright future for all our nations. Now, a new story has emerged. After new wars and new “revolutions”, most of their names have already been forgotten. The streets in most Balkan cities have changed their names.

Antonije Nino Zalica
Antonije Nino Zalica (writer, filmmaker). Born in Sarajevo 1959, spread his living in between Amsterdam, Sarajevo and Dubrovnik. Studied comparative literature and philosophy at Sarajevo University. His novel Yellow Snow/The Print of a Dragon’s Paw appeared in a number of different editions and translations in various European languages. In 1994 his short film Angels in Sarajevo, as part of SAGA's productions, was awarded the European Film Academy's Felix Documentary Award.

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