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Mohannad Sharrouf vluchtte uit Syrië. In een serie artikelen beschrijft hij hoe zijn tocht naar Nederland verliep.

I just came out of the airport and I felt tired after the flight of more than four hours, from Beirut to Algeria. Four hours ago I was in Lebanon, three hours away from my home in Syria. Now I am at the African continent, in the capital of Algeria, to be exactly. Now I am far away from home.

The first Algerian face I met was that of an officer who wanted to take a look at my passport. He asked me why I am visiting Algeria. The way he held my passport, the way he talked to me and the way his eyes moved all around me reminded me of the way Syrian officers treated me. That recalled a very bad experience and made me all of a sudden decide not to stay in Algeria. I felt that this would not be a safe place for me and realized I had to continue my journey. When I finished the short interview at the airport and was allowed to enter the country, I felt lost.

Mohannad Sharrouf
Mohannad Sharrouf is a Syrian activist who lives in The Netherlands since September 2014 as a refugee. He has a Bachelor of English Language and Literature from Aleppo University, Syria. He worked as a translator, interpreter, tourist guide, and English teacher. After telling his story as a refugee, in public schools, he decided to write about his experience and give the readers the opportunity to read real refugee stories in RFG Magazine. In addition, he wants to share his views on the Dutch society as a new comer with the hope that this sharing would create more understandings and bonds between 'The guest' and 'The host'.