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Negotiations with the Taliban, how about the PKK? 

Dialogue is one of the most important solutions to conflict ever since Socrates. We should talk and remove the violence situation in any case. On 10 September a footage about a clash between PKK warriors and Turkish police officers was showed on social media. That incident took place on 27th of June in Silopi, a district of the Şirnak province of east Turkey. The attack was executed by the PKK with heavy weapons while the guerrilla passed through the Turkey and Iraq border by a pickup truck.  I have never seen anything like this before, the guerrillas being recorded by

How did Öcalan become popular again?

We know a famous joke about Augusto Pinochet, the former dictator of Chile. According to the joke Pinochet goes to the cinema occasionally indifferent clothes in order not to be recognized by anyone. Before starting the movie every saloon shows his big poster due to his own malignity and fear. And needless to say everyone had to give him a standing ovation, but himself. All of a sudden a guy leans to Pinochet and says 'why don't you applaud him man, is it worth getting killed for that bastard?' Some dictatorships are bizarre. There's Erdogan's own stories in Turkey. On 20th of June he invited foreign press members

Are Kurds and Turks brothers?

What is the meaning of brotherhood? This word works like a magic speech in every context of any crisis or political process. As a matter of fact this word has been raped by civilization itself since the brother murder of Cain and Abel (Cain killed his brother Abel out of jealousy). They were actually brothers! Needless to say that brotherhood is the most cliché, and been used by sovereigns. On the other hand the German philosopher and poet Nietzsche says "Friends are our brothers, whom we picked with our own hands"... I was born in Agiri in the east of

Longread: “Either get married, or go to Europe.”

Dit artikel is een hoofdstuk uit het boek "A Refugee - From Erbil to Amsterdam'' van Taleb Ibrahim dat uit het Arabisch naar het Engels is vertaald door Amal Abdulmawla & Abdulla Fadel. My name is Sabah Khalil. I’m from Kurdistan. After I finished my studies at Erbil University, Faculty of English Literature, my father gave me fifteen thousand dollars and said: “Either get married, or go to Europe.” The word ‘Europe’ rapidly slipped out of my father’s mouth, but my sensitive ears picked it up and gave it legs. Oh, father! Europe, just like that?! Europe had already entered my